About North View

North View is a community controlled housing association located in the Windlaw area of Castlemilk, on the southernmost boundary of the city of Glasgow.

Our ‘area of operation’ is compact and contained within the area formed by the Dougrie Strip to the north, Castlemilk Drive to the east, Ardencraig Road to the south, and Birgidale Road to the west.

The Association was formed in November 1993 when we acquired 162 unimproved properties from Scottish Homes. Since then property numbers have increased through development, Tenants Choice transfers, and stock transfer to just less than 700. We also provide a factoring service to approximately 70 owners in the area, and we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of public green spaces in the area – the largest being the Windlaw Strip – and common backcourt. The vast majority of our properties are mainstream rental, but we also rent properties to organisations that cater for people with particular housing needs, and have developed a small number of flats and houses for the owner occupation market.

Most of our housing stock consists of refurbished post Second World War tenement flats, but approximately 35% is new build – the majority of which are two storey ‘back and front door’ type houses.

North View became a charity in March 2002. Our charity registration number is SC032963.