Legionella Information

The chance of Legionella existing in domestic water systems is very low, but there are steps that you, as tenant, can take to reduce it further.  Click here to access our leaflet on what to do.

You shouldn’t adjust the temperature setting of water heater.  If you have any concerns about your system not working properly, your hot water not being warm enough, or your cold water being lukewarm, then report it to our Office immediately.  If you have a shower, you should regularly clean and disinfect the showerhead – follow the instructions in our leaflet.

We regularly assess the risk from exposure to Legionella to ensure the safety of our tenants.  The risks from hot and cold water systems in most residential settings are generally considered to be low owing to regular water usage – which is the case with the vast majority of our properties.  The fact that our properties aren’t feed from communal cold water storage tanks in attics, but direct from the mains is also in our favour.   

A few of our properties have hot water cylinders.  We carry out annual tests on these to check that the water being supplied is within the acceptable temperature range, and we carry out a similar exercise in all our void properties before they are let to the incoming tenant.