Our Audit Arrangements

Audit Arrangements

At each of our Annual General Meetings (the 'AGM'), our members appoint an auditor who is qualified under Section 7 of the Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1968, to audit our accounts and balance sheet; this auditor is known as our ‘External Auditor’.  Our external auditor is Chiene & Tait.

The external auditor present their audit report to our members at our Annual General Meeting.  After that we send a copy of the audit accounts and their audit report to The Scottish Housing Regulator; these have to be with the Regulator within six months of the end of our financial year.

We have appointed another firm as our Internal Auditor.  They have worked with our Management Committee to establish a three-year internal audit programme whereby they periodically come in and assess our activities, to make sure that we are doing things the way that we should be doing them.  After each of these visits, they prepare an audit report for our Management Committee to consider.  In that, they detail their findings and may make recommendations to improve what we do.