Apply for Housing

Anyone of 16 years of age or over can apply for one of our houses by filling in an Application Form. If requested, we can send a copy of the form to other housing associations in Castlemilk. They will assess your application against their Allocation Policy.

Our Allocations Policy governs how we let our houses and flats, and who we let them to. We are required by law to let houses to people in most housing need, but we also have a responsibility to meet the housing needs of our own tenants. Our tenants’ housing needs will change through time and it is important that they have the opportunity to move as their needs change, so we have designed our Allocations Policy to meet the requirements of both our tenants, and applicants who want to become our tenants.

Broadly speaking, there are three groups of people that we let houses to – homeless referrals from the City Council, people who are not current tenants of North View (external applicants), and existing tenants who want to move to another one of our properties (internal applicants). Most relets go to people from these three groups but we also let a small number of properties to people referred on from other agencies.