We want our tenants and residents to enjoy their home

We want our tenants and residents to enjoy their home, but we also want you to enjoy living in the area. We want Windlaw to be a pleasant place for everyone, so it is important that we do everything we can to make sure that the area looks neat, tidy and as litter free as possible. North View obviously has a big role to play in that, but so has everyone. We all need to do our bit if Windlaw is going to look at its best.

North View looks after all the common grassed areas in the estate. The Windlaw Strip is the biggest public area that we maintain, but we also look after the Dunagoil Strip, the grass squares at Lenihall Drive, Dunagoil Road, and Cassiltoun Gardens as well as all the common backcourts.

We make sure that the grass is cut regularly, trees and shrubs pruned, and litter picked up. We try to keep the area neat and tidy, but it isn’t easy. Sometimes it seems like every bit of paper in the world gets blown into Windlaw. We do our best to keep on top of it, but you can do a bit too by not dropping litter, and lifting any rubbish that gets blown into your garden, close path, or backcourt and popping it in the bin. That’d be a big help.

The area is too big for our in house team to look after, so we pay Caledonian Maintenance Services to do it for us. We regularly inspect their work to make sure they do a good job, and we work with them to provide a grass cutting service for tenants.