Taking Care of your Rubbish

Wheelie Bins

If you’ve got to put out your bin when the binmen come, make sure that you – or someone in your household – wheels it to the collection point and returns it to the bin area or your back garden once it has been emptied. Please make sure that you bring your own bin back and don't take anyone else’s.

The binmen won't take away anything that isn't in the bin, so don't dump bags of rubbish beside the bin, because they won't be taken away.

North View is not responsible for refuse uplift. If your wheelie bin gets damaged or goes missing, or if the binmen have made a mess or not taken your bin, phone the Council on 0141 287 9700 and report it to the Cleansing Department.

If you are unhappy with the refuse service, take it up with your elected local Councillor; you can find out who this is by contacting Glasgow City Council. 

Bulk Refuse

We run a dedicated weekly and bi-weekly bulk uplift service, which includes fridges/freezers, for our tenants using our in-house tradesteam and one of our contractors. 

Please contact the office to request this service.