Information on how to end your tenancy

A Scottish Secure Tenancy can only be ended in one of the following ways:-

 by the tenant giving North View four weeks notice in writing that they wish to end the tenancy.

 by the tenant and North View coming to an agreement to end the tenancy and that agreement being in writing.

 by North View taking court action against the tenant to recover the house on one or more of the grounds specified in the Act (see ‘Repossession’ further on in this section).

 by North View taking action to recover the house in the event of the tenant abandoning it.

by the death of the tenant and there being no-one able to meet the statutory requirements for succession (see ‘The Right to Succession’ further on in this section).

North View takes action to convert the tenancy to a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy.

Before you leave your house, you must:-

allow us access to your house before you move out to allow the Association to inspect and show new tenants round.

 check to make sure that you have paid all payments due to us.

 apply for any compensation you may be entitled to for carrying out improvements to the house.

 remove any fixtures and fittings you have installed without our written permission and put right any damage caused.

 do any repairs you are obliged to do.

remove all your belongings.

 make sure any lodgers or sub-tenants leave with you.

 leave the house clean, tidy and in good decorative order.

 hand in your keys to the Office.

 give us a forwarding address unless there is good reason for not doing so.

When we know that you are leaving, we will arrange for someone from the Maintenance section to inspect your house to check the condition of fixtures and fittings. Once we’ve completed the inspection we’ll let you know if you have to do any work to the house before you leave. If this work isn’t completed, we’ll do it and recharge you. Similarly, if the house isn’t left clean enough, we’ll get it cleaned and recharge you.

If you have any furniture or floor coverings, which you do not wish to keep, you should contact Glasgow City Council on 0141 287 9700 to uplift them free of charge, or if they are in reasonable condition, we can put you in touch with a furniture recycling charity that will take them.

You should return the property to us in the condition that you got it in and remove any fixtures that you fitted – including laminate flooring.