Programmed Maintenance

Every few years we survey a large sample of properties from each development phase. We look to see how things like kitchen units, windows, bathroom suites, and central heating systems are fairing in each of the phases. We use this information to help us decide where and when to replace kitchen units, windows etc. We then estimate the lifespan of these components and build up a 40 year works schedule, known as Programmed Maintenance.

Over the last few years we have carried out a window replacement contract, a boiler replacement programme, and fitted new kitchen units in over 150 properties. These have been carried out as part of our ‘Programmed Maintenance’ work.

Having such work done in you home can be quite stressful, but we spend a lot of time planning how we do this type of work to try to make it as pain free as possible.

We always try and keep tenants up to speed with events, and we arrange the work to fit in with the householder’s plans for things like holidays, shift work patterns etc.

One thing to note, however, is that we won’t do programmed replacement works in a property if the tenant owes us a lot of money in rent arrears, or for rechargeable repairs. The work will be suspended until the debt is cleared, or reduced to an acceptable level.


Gas Safety Checks

This is one of the most important bits of work that we do! We are required by law to carry out an annual check to make sure that the gas appliances that we have fitted in tenants’ homes are safe and fit for use. If they are not, we fix them, remove them, or replace them.

Gas is very dangerous! For your safety, your family’s safety, and your neighbours’ safety, make sure that you let our workmen into your home to do your safety check when it is due.

After your safety check visit, you might get a visit from someone else. This person will inspect the appliances to make sure that the work is up to scratch. It is another safeguard for both you and us.

Smoke Alarms

Each year we check smoke alarms to make sure that they are functioning properly. We are not responsible for supplying or fitting batteries for the smoke alarm – that is the tenant’s responsibility. Tenants should check their smoke alarm each week to make sure that it is working. If you don’t think that your smoke alarm is working properly, report it to our Office immediately. You never know, that smoke alarm might save your life one day!