How we deliver services


We provide a housing management service to the tenants of the houses and flats that we own.  Under that umbrella, we also provide a welfare advice service to our tenants, owners, and residents.  

We provide a maintenance service for our properties.  This covers day to day repairs, cyclical maintenance (like landlord gas appliance inspections, external painting, gutter cleaning etc.), and major repairs (like kitchen replacements, bathroom replacements etc).

We also provide a factoring service to owners within our housing stock.

We do not have dedicated ‘wider role’ staff members.  Instead we use in house staff resources to deliver small scale wider role projects, and partner with (or facilitate) other usually local organisations to deliver larger, specialised wider role projects for us.  

How we deliver services

North View provides all services in house; none are bought in.  Our services are delivered from our Office, at 29A Stravanan Road, which is in the heart of our area of operation.

Our housing management section delivers housing management services; our maintenance section administers repairs and property maintenance; and our finance section controls monetary transactions (investments etc), oversees factoring.

We carry an in-house tradesteam consisting of joiners and estate caretakers/labourers.