Reporting a Repair

You should report repairs to the Office. You can do this by emailing, or by calling in in person, but the quickest way is to phone it in to us (0141 634 0555).

It is always tempting to mention a repair to a member of staff outwith the office but please don’t. Staff cannot take a note of repairs outside the Office – chances are they may not be back in the Office for some time and if they forget about the report, the repair won’t get done. If an emergency occurs when the Office is closed you should phone 0141 634 0555. Our out of hours service will deal with your report.

You should give the following information when you report a repair:-

  • your name, address (including post code) and telephone number.
  • details of the problem.
  • when access to your home is available.

In some cases, our Maintenance staff will call to inspect the repair before placing a Works Order with the Contractor, or they may pop in afterwards to check that the repair has been done well and that you are happy with it.