Service Standards

Over the years the Association has developed a set of wide ranging targets relating to key service activities like repairs, allocations, relets, and estate management (to name but a few). These targets are called Service Standards.

Each year we publish a list of the main Service Standards in our Newsletter. These set out the level of service that we aim to provide to our tenants, and residents. We regularly monitor our performance against each one of these Standards and give update reports in our quarterly newsletters, and in the Performance section of this website.

Our aim is to provide North View tenants and residents with as good a service as we possibly can. We believe that we already do that, but we are always trying to push it a bit more and do things that wee bit better. In addition to Service Standards, we use a variety of other methods ‘like focus group meetings, surveys and even complaints’ to help us keep an eye on how we are doing and to identify areas that we need to look at.

Our Service Standards for 2012/13 are:-

Customer Care

  • If you have an issue that you want to discuss with a staff member, we will arrange an appointment for you to see the appropriate staff member within three working days of your request.
  • We will respond to any letters that we receive within five working days from date of receipt.


  • Our Contractor will attend and make safe emergency repairs within four hours of the repair being reported.
  • Our Contractor will carry out Qualifying Repairs within set timescale.
  • Our Contractor will carry out urgent repairs within three working days of the repair report.
  • Our Contractor will carry out routine repairs within ten working days of the repair report.


  • We will place applicants on our Housing List within fifteen working days.